Alcoholic Squadron of the Oxford Group in Action in Akron, Ohio

Alcoholic Squadron of the Oxford Group in Action in Akron, Ohio

  Oxford Group meetings for alcoholics continue at the large home of T. Henry and Clarace Williams (below), with Dr. Bob sometimes joining Mr. Williams to lead meetings. The recovering alcoholics of the group refer to themselves as the “Alcoholic Squadron of the Oxford Group.”

T. Henry and Clarace Williams
Inside T. Henry and Clarace Williams' home 
  Hospital visits with newcomers: Teams of A.A.s (many called themselves the “alcoholic squad of the Oxford Group”) visited newcomers who had been hospitalized at the Akron City Hospital. The visitors told their stories. They told the newcomer that Dr. Bob had the answer to their problems. Sometimes they even gobbled up the food the hospitalized “pigeon” was unable to stomach. Dr. Bob also visited the patient each day. By his own account: “I used to go to the hospital and stand there and talk. I talked many a time to a chap in the bed for five or six hours.” On the final day, Dr. Bob would make sure the newcomer believed in God and then would have him get out of bed, get down on his knees, and “make surrender.” That meant accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour [The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 12; Dick B., That Amazing Grace, pp. 25-27; The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous, 2d ed., pp 188-89, 192-97; The Golden Text of A.A.: God, the Pioneers, and Real Spirituality, pp. 31-32]. Warren C., who came to A.A. in Cleveland in July, 1939, said of hospitalization: This was so much a part of the treatment that “there was considerable debate about whether he [Warren C.] should be admitted to the Fellowship since he had not been hospitalized” [DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, pp. 102, 109-10].

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