Bill Wilson Returns Home to New York

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Bill Wilson Returns Home to New York

 Bill Wilson returns home to New York to seek a job, but his need to help other alcoholics is no less urgent. He begins to look for prospects at Towns Hospital, where he finds Hank Parkhurst, an ambitious businessman who becomes Bills' first success from Towns. Another success is Fitz M., a Southerner and the son of a minister. Both become Bill’s close friends and allies.

 Towards the end of 1935, Bill W. returned to New York to re-join his wife. Although he must return to work, his desire to help other alcoholics was burning lightly.

 Bill also gave speeches at the Oxford Group meeting at Calvary House but was dissatisfied with the results he was getting with the group.

 Bill went back to seek counsel from Dr. Silkworth. Dr. Silkworth advised him to do less preaching and instead focus on educating the group about alcoholism as an illness.

 Bill began visiting Towns Hospital in order to reach out to fellow alcoholics. He did not gel well with the Oxford Group folk in New York, so he instead turned to Dr. Silkworth for help. In turn Dr. Silkworth allowed Bill to access his patients even though Silkworth was risking his medical career by doing so.

 Here, Bill met a man known as Hank P. Although Hank was an alcoholic, he was also a very bright and ambitious businessman. He had been an executive of Standard Oil but fired because of his alcoholism, and when Bill met him, he was undergoing his tenth admission into Towns Hospital. Hank P. joined Bill W.’s mission to help other alcoholics.
Hank Parkhurst
 There were many parallels between Hank P and Bill W., most notably because both were otherwise intelligent and healthy men whose careers had both been ruined by alcoholism.

 Hank P. formed Honor Dealers in New Jersey to compete against Standard Oil. The office of Honor Dealers became the first base for what would become known as Alcoholics Anonymous.

 Both men focused all of the time in helping alcoholics rather than on the business. This meant they were unable to pay the rent on the building. They were eventually forced out by the landlord, forcing them to set up in a smaller building in Newark.
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