Ebby Thacher Reveals the Oxford Group to Bill Wilson

Ebby Thacher Reveals the Oxford Group to Bill Wilson

 The Oxford Group required members to introduce new people into their ranks. For this reason, Rowland introduced Ebby Thacher (“Ebby T”) to the Oxford Group. Ebby, like Rowland was also able to stop drinking after practicing the principles prescribed by the Oxford Group.
Ebby Thacher
 Like Rowland, Thacher was also encouraged to recruit new members into the Oxford Group. Thacher knew an old drinking buddy who he believed would benefit from practicing the principles espoused by the Oxford Group. This man’s name was William Griffith Wilson (Bill W.). At this time, Bill W. lived at 182 Clinton Street in Brooklyn with his wife Lois.
 In November 1934 Bill W. arranged to meet Ebby Thacher, he was shocked to learn of Thacher's sobriety. Thacher refused to drink saying "I've found religion" he told Bill about the Oxford Group which met at Calvary Rescue Mission. Bill was not receptive to Thacher's invitation to join the group.

 Bill W. was a chronic alcoholic. His education and career had both been blighted by his drinking. At this time, Bill was approaching 40 years of age and he was learning that his problem was hopeless, progressive, and irreversible.
He had sought medical treatment at Towns Hospital in Manhattan on four separate occasions for his alcoholism,
but he was still drinking.

 Thacher, later became the sponsor of the eventual Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson.

Ebby Thacher (on the right) with Bill Wilson, the
co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, in 1955

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