A.A. in Wartime

Bill W. at the 1st International A.A. Convention in Cleveland, Ohio (January 1,1950)

Bill W.- 1st International Convention in Cleveland, OH on (01-01-1950) (1).mp3

Bill W. in Atlanta, Georgia (January 1, 1951)

Bill W. in Atlanta, GA on (01-01-1951).mp3


 Bill W. on the "Singleness of Purpose" (January,1 1957)

Bill W. - Singleness of Purpose (01-01-1957).mp3


Bill W. on the "History of the Big Book" 

Bill W. - History of the Big Book.mp3


 Bill W. on the "Traditions"

Bill W. - The Traditions.mp3


Bill W. on "The Three Legacies" 

Bill W. - The Three Legacies.mp3


 Bill W. at the "3rd General Service Conference"

Bill W. - 3rd General Service Conference.mp3


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