Bill D. The Man on The Bed

Bill D. The Man on The Bed

 Eager to carry the message, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith search for another person to help. After a slow start, their call to Akron City Hospital yields a prospect — Bill Dotson, a lawyer. During the visits of Bill and Dr. Bob, Bill D. takes their message to heart and promises never to drink again — a vow he keeps for life.

 Bill D. is credited as being the third member of what will become Alcoholics Anonymous. And is also referred to as ‘The Man on the Bed,’ after the now famous painting illustrated below.
Bill W., Dr. Bob and Bill D.
Weekly Meetings at 182 Clinton Street

 In an effort to strengthen his prospects’ chances for recovery, Bill welcomes alcoholics to his home at 182 Clinton Street in Brooklyn, New York. The Tuesday night meetings soon give way to temporary residency for some participants — the kind of “way station” arrangement that Dr. Bob and his wife Anne have pioneered in Akron.

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