A.A. Timeline Begins with Frank Buchman and the Oxford Group

A.A. Timeline Begins with Frank Buchman and the Oxford Group

 Alcoholics Anonymous was spouted from the Oxford Group. The Oxford Group was an organization that became popular in both Europe and the United States in the early 20th Century was founded in 1931 by an American Christian missionary called Frank Buchman. Buchman promoted the idea of surrendering one's life over to God's plan..

 The Oxford Group was a non-secular organization and promoted religious and spiritual ideals amongst its members.
Frank Buchman
The Four Absolutes, 'Honesty', 'Unselfishness', 'Purity' and 'Love' were borrowed from the Oxford Group Movement back in the days when our AA was in its humble beginning. In those days AA's founders and their early colleagues were earnestly seeking for any and all sources of help to define and formulate suggestions that might guide us in the pursuit of a useful, happy, and significant sober life. This idea is central to the 12-step program adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous.
 "The world is anxiously waiting to see what Jesus Christ can do in, by, for, and through one man wholly given to him - God-led. You can be that man."
    — Frank Buchman, Oxford Group Founder.

An A.A. member explains the early history of A.A. in the videos below:

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