A.A. Attendance is Ten Thousand-Plus in Toronto, Canada

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July 2nd - 4th

A.A. Attendance is Ten Thousand-Plus in Toronto, Canada

  In July 1965, more than 10,000 members from around the world meet in Toronto, Canada for A.A.'s 30th Anniversary celebration and 4th International Convention. Some 250 members of A.A., Al-Anon, and Alateen, plus 24 internationally known nonalcoholic authorities on alcoholism, are featured speakers at 69 jam-packed sessions. Two talks by Bill Wilson, co-founder of the Society of Alcoholics Anonymous, will be features of the Forth Anniversary International Convention of AA in Toronto, Canada. One will be Bill's own A.A. story--and his second talk will be keyed to the Convention theme "Responsibility." As the Convention ends, attendees clasp hands and recite the newly developed Declaration of Responsibility, led by Bill and Lois Wilson. The Convention program and souvenir book are shown at below.

1965 International Convention Souvenir Book
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