Twelve Concepts for World Service is Published

Twelve Concepts for World Service is Published

  In 1962, the General Service Conference accepts Bill Wilson’s long-awaited manuscript for Twelve Concepts for World Service. In the introduction, Bill writes that his aim is: “ record the ‘why’ of our service structure in such a fashion that the highly valuable experience of the past, and the lessons we have drawn from that experience, can never be forgotten or lost.”

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The Year


April 26th

Dr. John L. Norris is Elected Chairman of G.S.B.

  Dr. John L. Norris (right), the medical director of Eastman Kodak and a nonalcoholic trustee of A.A. since 1948, becomes chairman of the General Service Board. “Dr. Jack,” described by Bill as “a most selfless and devoted worker,” will be instrumental in the development of Regional Forums. His involvement with A.A. will continue after he steps down from the Board of Trustees in 1975.
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