Historical International Convention in St. Louis

Historical International Convention in St. Louis

  In July 1955, some 5,000 people celebrate A.A.'s 20th Anniversary and 2nd A.A. International Convention in St. Louis, MO (below). President Dwight D. Eisenhower recognizes the occasion with a congratulatory telegram. Among the important events at this 20th anniversary gathering is Bill’s presentation on A.A. history and the importance of understanding it. In addition, the second edition of the Big Book is launched. The Al-Anon Fellowship, now four years old, participates in five workshops.

Kiel Auditorium at the Second International Convention, St. Louis,
1955; Telegram from President Eisenhower

Bill Wilson Passes the Torch

 The St. Louis International Convention of 1955 culminates with Bill Wilson stepping up to the podium in Kiel Auditorium and officially handing leadership of A.A. over to the members. The resolution he reads is passed with a roar of approval:
  “Be it therefore resolved that the General Service Conference... should become as of this date... the guardian of the Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, the perpetuators of the world services of our Society, the voice of the group conscience of our entire Fellowship, and the sole successors of its co-founders, Doctor Bob and Bill.”

The Year


July 1st - 3rd

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