A.A. in Wartime

 Alcoholics Anonymous's Original Six Steps

Below is a handwitten, autographed and dated note by Bill W. of the original first "Six Steps." From this note the original first six steps were drafted and are as follows:

  1. We admitted that we were licked, that we were powerless over alcohol.

  2. We made a moral inventory of our defects or sins.

  3. We confessed or shared our shortcomings with another person in confidence.

  4. We made restitution to all those we had harmed by our drinking.

  5. We tried to help other alcoholics, with no thought of reward in money or prestige.

  6. We prayed to whatever God we thought there was for power to practice these precepts.

Step 1: Admitted hopeless

Step 2: Got honest with self

Step 3: Got honest with another

Step 4: Made amends

Step 5: Helped others without demand

Step 6: Prayed to God as you understand him

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