A.A. in Wartime



ODSunMarshfieldAs Bill Sees ItSanctuary Ch., 185 Plain St.2-3 p.m.H
OSunMarshfieldSerenityNo. Comm. Par. Hall, Old Main St.7-8 p.m.H
ODMonMarshfieldLiving SoberN. Community Ch., Old Main St.10 a.m.H
CBBMonMarshfield Methodist Ch., 185 Plain St., Rte. 1397:00 p.m. 
O*TueMarshfieldGreen HarborAssumpt. Ch., Rt. 139, 40 Canal St.8:00 p.m., beg. 7pmH
C12WedMarshfield12 & 12United Methodist, Rte. 139, 185 Plain St. 7:00 p.m. 
OWedMarshfieldRecoverySt. Ann's, 591 Ocean St., Rte. 1398-9 p.m. 
CBBThurMarshfieldLiving SoberNorth Comm. Ch., Old Main St.10 a.m. 
ODThurMarshfieldChapelSanctuary Ch., 185 Plain St., Rte. 1396-7 p.m. 
OFriMarshfieldBack To BasicsNo. Com. Par. Hall, Old Main7:30-8:30 p.m. 
OBB12SatMarshfieldBBSSUnited Meth. Ch. Hall, 185 Plain St., Rte 1395:30 p.m.H
O*SatMarshfield Trinity Episcopal Ch., 229 Highland.,7:00 p.m. Beg. 6 p.m.H
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