First Women’s A.A. Prison Groups Begin to Meet

First Women’s A.A. Prison Groups Begin to Meet

  The first reported women’s prison group meets on March 18, 1944, at Clinton Farms in Clinton, New Jersey.

  Education at Clinton Farms also addressed problematic conditions such as substance abuse. Drinking underlay many inmates’ crimes. Alcoholism had come the course of the twentieth century to be viewed as illness rather than moral evil. Alcoholics Anonymous, personal identity development, and conflict resolution were believed to remediate such problems. In 1944 Clinton Farms established its first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, asserting that a drinking habit could be overcome with proper intervention, so preparing prisoners for a successful return to society.

Women’s Prison at Clinton Farms in Clinton, New Jersey

The First French-Speaking Group

  Dave B. of Montreal, an ex-bank clerk and accountant who had slipped far down the ladder because of alcoholism, sobers up after reading the Big Book sent to him by his sister. He contacts A.A. in New York and soon starts holding meetings in his home, launching the first French-speaking A.A. group in the world.


The Year


March 18th

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