Works Publishing Inc. - A Farsighted Plan

Works Publishing Inc. - A Farsighted Plan

  Harper & Brothers offers to publish the Big Book, much to the delight of Bill and the trustees. But the astute businessman, Hank P., convinces Bill to sell shares in their own company and to publish the volume themselves. Hank works up a prospectus for what will become "Works Publishing Company"..since he envisioned the forthcoming book as only the first of many "works."

  He bought a pad of blank stock certificates in a stationary store, typed "Works Publishing, Inc., par value $25" across the top, and put his signature at the bottom with the title, "President." Bill said, "When I protested these irregularities, Henry said there was no time to waste; why be concerned with small details? Hank then descended like a whirlwind on the New York alcoholics and their friends trying to sell them stock in the new venture., with 600 shares of stock selling at $25 per share (below).


  Bill and Hank also contacted the Cornwall Press, one of the largest book printers. When they told Dr. Bob what they were doing, he consented dubiously to the venture but felt the idea should be tried out on the trustees. So Bill "laid out this information before the next trustees meeting. I knew the reaction would be bad and it certainly was I knew we would have to go through with the deal despite all the objections." And they did. (They eventually sold 200 shares for $5000, and Charles Towns of Towns Hospital loaned them $2,500.) This decision that the embryonic society should control and publish its own literature, so controversial at the time, turned out to be of immense importance for the future of A.A.

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